Sunday, 1 January 2012

Resolutions & a 30 Day Challenge

Happy New Year!

Some years I make specific resolutions, other years I don't.  Is it worth making resolutions if I'm not committed to them?  Probably not.  Some resolutions are standards year after year, but not necessary measurable, such as eating better and being kinder to others in need ...  Then there's the measurable/unattainable resolution - losing weight.

Last year I purchased my first Annual Membership from Bikram Yoga Saanich  so my 2011 resolution was to practice yoga enough times to make the membership worthwhile.  I'm happy to report that I reached that goal with 136 visits to the yoga studio in 2011.  By charting how often I practised I learned that I am able to attend classes often when I'm not teaching, not so often when I'm writing report cards & practically never in September when all hell breaks loose.

This is useful information for 2012.  I have renewed my Annual Membership.  I'm not going to beat myself up when I can't go to yoga, however, I will remember how great it makes me feel, and how it keeps me healthy.  So I'll try to make it to the studio as much as possible in 2012, at least 2x a week.  I was not planning on making a resolution for 2012 but that sounds like one right there.

My studio just started a 30 Day Challenge today.  The past 2 years I have regretted not starting the year with a yoga challenge.  So this year I decided not to wait until Jan. 1st for the studio challenge and to start my own personal 30 Day Challenge on December 27th instead.  I'm still on vacation right now and it's easy to make it to the studio every day.  Today was Day 6 of my challenge.  The real challenge for me will be scheduling family, work, & yoga.  I did a 30 day challenge in April 2010 so I can do it again.  The main benefits last time were more patience in the classroom, plus I kicked a winter-long cold.  Must keep this in mind to keep me motivated.

Benefits of daily practice (so far, in no specific order):
#1  Stillness
#2  Peace of mind
#3  Getting used to different areas of the studio
#4  Increased flexibility on backward bends
#5  Stronger thighs for Standing Head to Knee
#6  Letting go of being able to see myself in the mirror

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