Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 7 - The last Xmas Yoga class

Today was the last day of the Christmas break.  Tomorrow it's roll your sleeves up & back to school baby!  Once again, it was a real treat to practice yoga during the daytime, at 11 am.  Starting tomorrow I'll have to either go before work @ 6 am or after school @ 3:45.  The trouble with waiting for 3:45 is that sometimes I get stuck @ school and can't make the yoga class.  So it's an early bedtime & early yoga for me for the first day back.

I. was teaching today, lucky us!  She always injects her classes with tips & inspirational words.  Today's tip was about Standing Bow - to really place the forward shoulder against the chin.  I thought I was already doing that but when the class tried after her demonstration, we all grew an inch and presto!  better balance.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a real live demo is even better!

Bikram teachers often have inspirational words during class.  I should bring a pencil & paper to class to jot those ideas down because I can never remember them afterwards.  Writing something down during class  would be highly irregular and I wonder whether the paper would stay dry enough.  Today's thought was F.I.P.  The only way I was able to remember was by repeating this acronym in my head a number of times.  I. says that the best way to improve postures is through:

1.  Frequency of practice - It's true, it doesn't matter how long someone has been practising, it's how often they practice that makes the difference.

2.  Intensity of practice - It's important to try hard, or else no changes will happen.  Timely advice as I was wondering today whether I should decrease my efforts while practising everyday to make sure I don't overdo it.

3.  Perspiration ... Actually, she said Persistence, but I thought Perspiration would be funnier.  Persistence goes along with #1 & 2, as does Perspiration.  Without Persistence there is no Frequency, Intensity or Perspiration.

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