Thursday, 7 April 2011

New Gloves

Wool gloves are a real treat!  They keep my fingers warm when I'm biking, or just make them feel better when they feel old and arthritic.

I knit my first pair of fingerless gloves around 10 years ago as a challenge.  It was the next step up, a natural progression from knitting socks.  The fingers, after all, are just a smaller version of knitting a sock leg, and there is no pesky heel to turn.

I have made many pairs of gloves, either with full fingers, cut-offs, or fingerless mittens.  I have given them all away or (sadly) lost them.  So with time on my hands, last weekend was the perfect time for a new project.

I bought a skein of wool from the internet in the fall to make a hat for my Mom.  However, when I received it, it didn't really scream "hat" to me so I stashed it away.  I decided to use it now because I thought the pattern might be interesting in gloves.  The stripe pattern would show thin stripes in the body and larger stripes in the fingers.  It's fun to knit with hand-dyed wool because of the variations in colours.  Subtle changes in colour reveal patterns, one stitch at a time.  It's like reading a mystery book, where clues are revealed one at a time.  This one is called a multi.

This project also marks the first time I have written out a pattern.  I have posted the instructions in Ravelry .  I have written it out in an effort to save myself time in the long run.  No more trying it out and re-measuring.

Since spring is taking its sweet time in returning this year, I'm sure I'll be able to wear these many times before putting them away for the summer.

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