Sunday, 3 April 2011

Back to Nature #2

Thanks to my lovely J., I had a chance to get away again this weekend, this time to Point No Point on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  Point No Point is a small resort with log (ish) cabins overlooking the Salish Sea.  They make no apologies for not having any tvs, cell coverage, or internet.  This lack of connectivity is part of the charm.  From our 300 square foot cabin we can see the Northern Tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, then it’s the vastness of the Pacific Ocean!  Aah the fresh ocean breeze!

J. & I were treated to the sound of crashing waves and the crackling of a wood fire for the whole weekend.  We hiked to the “Point” and met a woman who claimed these were the biggest waves she had seen here in 20 years.  On the hike we stopped at a small pebbled beach, watched the waves crash, and listened to the beach pebbles trickle back down to the water with each receding wave.

It’s interesting to compare the West Coast to the East Coast of Vancouver Island.  The West Coast is much more rugged with little development.  It's best to have a full gas tank and enough groceries for a trip out here.  I like feeling like I’m on the edge of the world.  It feels odd but liberating.

Another difference between the two coasts is that we have not seen as much wildlife here as in Deep Bay on the East Coast.  J. points out that it’s not as sheltered on the West Coast, so it’s harder for the animals to get food.  Perhaps it's too early in the year and the birds have not yet returned.  In Deep Bay we always see eagles, cormorants, geese, seals, and occasionally sea lions.  Last summer we even saw a pod of killer whales in the Bay.  Here on the west coast we saw a Blue Jay yesterday and that’s about it.   I know there are bears not far so I'm not complaining too much.

One of my yoga teachers says we shouldn’t have to get away to feel a sense of calmness.  She says we should be able to feel that calmness in our every day life.  Personally, I find the ocean’s sounds, fresh air, and vastness quite helpful in de-stressing.  I find it hard to reproduce that feeling without the sights, scents, & sounds. 


  1. Sounds amazing. I hope you had supplies for G & T's or some other tasty drink on the porch.

  2. Actually that was me - I don't know why it shows up as Guy.

  3. We had some G & Ts while sitting in those red chairs above, enjoying the view & reading. It was really sunny on Saturday.