Sunday, 18 August 2013

Strathcona hiking

After many years of planning, E. and friends are on a multi-day hike to the Forbidden Plateau area of Strathcona Park.  For my eastern family & friends, this is no regular walk in the park.  They are hiking in pristine alpine wilderness terrain, far away from roads, dwellings, and cell connections.

The group departed from Paradise Meadows at Mount Washington on Friday around lunchtime.  Their first day was a 5hr, mostly uphill-hike to the base camp Circlet Lake.  After a cold night in a tent, yesterday they hiked to Mount Jutland then back to base camp for dinner & sleeping.  Other day hikes from Circlet Lake might include Mount Albert Edward or Mount Castlecrag.

On Friday, J. & I drove the group up and proceeded on our own alpine day-hike in Strathcona Park.  We started from the Paradise Meadows parking lot and took the western trail to Kwai Lake, then looped back by Croteau & Battleship Lakes.  

Unfortunately, our hike was overcast and wet so we were unable to see the mountain views.  If we return one day, we might be surprised with views of snow-covered alpine peaks.  Ours was a wet 5hr, 15km alpine hike (read:  muddy up & down).  We had planned on picnicking but decided to just keep going because it was so wet.  Despite the rain we were still greeted with amazing alpine beauty.  Here are some pics of what we saw:
Ruffed Grouse?
J. by the ranger station near Kwai Lake
Alpine Meadow
Nothing beats fresh alpine air & meadows.  Rain or shine, I look forward to my summertime alpine hikes every year!

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