Monday, 13 August 2012

D.'s Magical Soapmaking Kingdom

Homemade soap is satisfying to use because it's so rich, colourful & delightfully smelly!  But more than the end-result, I love making soap because the process is so fun.  4 of us make soap a few times a year at a friend's house.  D. takes care of the dangerous bits (lye), and provides other supplies.

Twice a year, she transforms her dining-room into a Soapmaking Magic Kingdom filled with magical scents & colourful combinations.  There are always many scents to choose from, as well as natural scratchy bits which add texture & colour to soaps.  My favourite add-ins include nori & black sesame seeds while favourite scents so far have been Peppermint and also Blackberry.

Her soaps are no match for commercial or other handmade soaps available at small markets.


  1. Some day I will get my act together and make soap again

  2. Homemade soap feel so much better than the store-bought stuff. I've become a complete soap geek. I take it with me when I travel & I'm even sending some with M. when he moves out tomorrow. I guess it's the equivalent to home-baking, which I don't do.