Saturday, 24 March 2012

Orb Chair

I fell in love with this chair 3 years ago.  We first met online.  I'm embarrassed to say its digital version caught my eye while playing one of those silly games on Facebook.  I may even have invited a few of you to play along.  The game was pointless and my addiction soon faded.  

My love of the Orb Chair was rekindled after visiting the now-defunct furniture store NOOD.  Strolling Yates St. after breakfast with my soapmaking buddies, and there it was staring at me through the modern-store window, in all its redness.

Goofy?  Definitely.  But upon the first time I tried it, it sucked me in, engulfing me with its noise-reduction superpowers and extreme comfort.  I was ready to move-in.  It had the best qualities in a chair:  large enough to accommodate my pretzel-sitting stance, room for a novel AND a knitting project.

So the chair & I dated for a few years.  I made most of the advances, visiting whenever I had breakfast at the neighbouring Rebar.  On a few occasions the chair contacted me through a flyer.  It did so again this past December.  So I cut its picture out and attached it to my fridge so we could visit more often.

This is where my great hubby comes in.  Having put up with me for the past 20 years (already!) and  without a hint of jealousy, he invited the Orb into our home as an anniversary present.  It was a bit awkward at first.  The design police would surely not approve the mixture of old/new in my living-room, but this is the new millennium and we must welcome diversity.  We're now one big happy family.  Its goofiness makes me smile whenever I see it.  Did I mention that it rotates 360 degrees?

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