Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Joys of Summer (part 2)

Walk + Nature = Bliss!

Just got back from a summer trip around the Cascade Mountains in what my American neighbours call the Pacific Northwest.  I think of it as the Pacific Southwest, but since it's in their country I will let them have their way.

Living in Victoria, on clear days we are often treated to this view of Mt. Baker:

So for a summer trip J. & I decided on a nature pilgrimage to Mt. Baker and see the area from up close.

Our trip started with a ferry ride to Seattle aboard the Anacortes ferry to watch a few Mariners baseball games.  We then quickly proceeded to the mountains, heading East to Leavenworth, Lake Chelan, Stehekin, Mazama, Concrete, and finally Mt. Baker.

Just outside of Mazama we found a trail called the Maple Pass Loop.  It was the most amazing hike of my life, taking J. & I up to the top of a mountain bowl, walking through alpine meadows filled with flowers, sometimes walking through snow and gazing down at glacier lakes.


We had planned on hiking a number of trails on Mt. Baker, but because of the 90+ feet of snow which fell this year, many trails were covered with rapidly melting snow, which could be dangerous.  We wandered around a bit and saw these views:

We have sworn to return soon to explore some more!

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